Anna Barto

Senior Creative Producer

Video / Podcast / Content Strategy / People Management

Anna Barto

Would you like to chat?

Zürich — Prague — London

(CH) +41 78 480 34 26

(UK) +44 7572 995 462

I am open to any inquiries (including speaking opportunities) but I am particularly interested in:

  • Executive Producer, Lead Producer or Content Lead roles
  • Producing opportunities in VR/AR/XR
  • Work in the tech industry, broadcast and beyond

My professional experience

I am an experienced Senior Producer and Digital Creative with an interest in XR production, currently enrolled in MIT xPRO VR/AR program for industry professionals.

I have a demonstrated history of leading content production teams in the tech industry. At the moment, I am contracted as a Senior Creative Producer to the Developer Media Lab at Google Zürich, where I lead a team of (associate) producers based in various locations across the world. Our team focuses on digital-first videos and podcasts targeted at external technical audiences worldwide. We specialize in educational and edutainment content and inspirational micro docs.

Previously, I worked as a digital content strategist and talent developer at YouTube’s EMEA HQ in London and as a digital advertising specialist at Google’s EMEA HQ in Dublin.

Creative producing and my beliefs

A good creative producer strikes the perfect balance between their creative side and the needs of the business, between the big picture and the detail. I think I’ve found this balance.

The creative producer is a holistic thinker and has the mindset of a business owner. Their job is not only to make things happen, but to stand by the quality of the work, to make it impactful and to bring it in front of the widest relevant audience possible.

I believe that the arts and science are compatible; that data should inform, but making content decisions requires the human touch; that people trump process. I also believe in walking the talk.

Experience as a speaker

Selected events where I spoke, and the topics: