Anna Barto

Senior Creative Producer

Video / Podcast / Content Strategy / People Management

Passion Projects

Driving in Melbourne


Role: Personal project recorded on a mobile phone

A concept video to explore the possibility of making a series about Uber driver personal profiles and the many fascinating stories they can tell.

Film Poster


I created this film poster for a fictional film called 'La Mer' as a creative play in Adobe InDesign.

You can download the actual .indd file from here.

Converse Shoe Designs


To learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, I created a series of Converse shoe designs using this tool.

You can download the actual .ai files from here.

Transmedia Academy


Role: Project Manager / Producer

The idea of Transmedia Academy - an interactive multi-platform learning experience exploring the topic of transmedia and consisting of a web interview series, a MOOC/YouTube channel and a tablet app - was explored and developed during 4 months of a cross-platform idea development lab - TransformatLab - in collaboration with Skillset Media Academy Wales and MEDIA, co-sponsored and supported by Channel 4.

Learn more about our audience segmentation, proposed budget and schedule, as well as initial project wireframes at